Henschke Out of School Care Inc



Henschke Out of School Hours Care Inc (HOOSHC) aims to provide a happy, safe and caring environment for primary school aged children. We believe in providing a fun, supportive environment where everyone feels welcome. We encourage the children to have an active role in planning and evaluating the program at HOOSHC.

HOOSHC was established in 2011. It is a not for profit entity established by a group of Henschke School parents who were all in need of care for their children out of school hours due to work and study commitments along with Assistant Principal Sandra Gunning. We aim to provide a happy, safe and caring environment for primary school aged children.


Our Goals

  • Deliver a high quality and  inclusive program

  • Provide families and the community with flexible childcare that meets their needs

  • Foster individual children’s strengths, abilities and interests through the provision of developmentally appropriate play and learning experiences

  • Maintain sound business and financial management practices

Quick Facts

  • HOOSHC caters for 75 children attending each session, with the exception of excursion days when there is a limit of 64 children.

  • Places are filled in accordance with the Australian Government priority rankings.

  • CCS is available for eligible families.

  • The Australian Government provides financial support for this child care service under the Community Support Program.

  • HOOSHC is a separate entity to Henschke Primary School (HPS).

  • HOOSHC has a licence agreement with HPS for use of the hall.


Our Team


Ly Smith

Bronwyn Ford.png

Bronwyn Ford

Ailene Tremain.png

Ailene Tremaine

Elsie Eady.png

Elsie Eady

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Chris Taber.png
Diane Ross

Diane Ross

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Jane hay

Chris Taber-Sass

Diane ross

Hannah Ross

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Madi Lawler.png
Sam Taylor.png

Lauren Eady

Madi Lawler

Sam taylor

scott hare

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vanessa livermore


Our Committee


HOOSHC is an incorporated association, governed by a Management Committee, which meets monthly.


Tanya Shepherd

Peter Havrlant


Vice President
Jennifer Galloway

School Representative
Maria Emery


Secretary & Public Officer
Krista Fletcher

Vanessa Livermore
Wael Fahmy